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Floating Evernotes



I'm new to Evernote, so, once I familiarized myself with the basics, i immediately seen the need for a feature request:

Floating (Ever)Notes!

I do EVERYTHING on mobile (Android), from front-end editing, to Android app creation. So, office-related apps are a staple of my 9-5 job. I've been a devout CLIPTO user/fan for years now, and only recently stumbled onto Evernote due to a mention about its' ability to auto-format code snippets. Something I've needed for awhile.

What is lacking, is an OBVIOUS need to code into the app basic drawOver implementation. I say 'obviously', because I've found tons of feature request on this forum alone. And i DO understand the apps' popularity.

So- what if the app were forked, 

-Put on a DIET,

-And configured to allow a single 'default' (untitled) note to hook with on-focused views, with full draw over permission?


I am very interested in hearing from ANYONE on this issue.




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There is no „forking“. The code is proprietary, and many relevant features rest in the back end, running in the private cloud EN operates.

I see no auto formatting of code snippets either, so don’t know how far your „familiarizing“ did already proceed. I would say dive a little deeper before generating more ideas.

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