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Date Created's functionality should definitely be improved.



I am aware of how to modify the Date Created using Note Info, to start with. Second, I've tested the feature on the iOS, WebClient, and MAC Desktop client. While they all exhibit slightly different behaviours, none of them function smoothly. Shift CMD D also allows you to add a date to the body of a note, although that method doesn't sort very well.

In my situation, I want to keep family records and photos and change the Create Date to correspond with the document's date, such as a census date, a death date, a photo, etc.

The issue -> If the year is very recent, it's not a great deal to alter using Note Info, but you can change the Date Created. To choose the correct date, one must browse through 100 years of the calendar month by month if the document is more than 100 years old. The left arrow must be used to make 1200 clicks to modify the Date Created by 100 years. Yes, you may choose the year, and it will bring up a brief list of years; however, it only goes back or ahead by around 10 years, making it laborious to travel back roughly 100 years.

Solution - (1) let the user simply manually edit the month/date/year or (2) make the date fields (month day and year) fully functionable scrollable lists so the user can scroll up / down quickly and select the appropriate date desired.

This would be much appreciated in my work! 

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I applaud your efforts to use Evernote's built in functions to tweak your system. However, you are attempting to index your data using a filter that is really designed to manage to days storage. A good effort but, as you're finding, not always as easy as you might desire.

Perhaps use the note title. For example name the notes:

18541219 cousin Jane birth certificate

Sort the notebook alphabetically and all the documents from 1854 will appear before those from 1855 etc.

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