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(Archived) Modifying saved searches?


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When I tap on a saved search Evernote immediately starts searching. Is it possible to tap on a saved note to select it in the search bar and then modify it first before searching?

If this isn't possible could this feature be added (maybe short tap on saved search = immediate search & long tap on saved search = edit search... or vice versa)?

Thanks so much for adding the Advanced Search capability!



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The feature to edit a query before searching is added. This must be available in our next beta update (Beta 2).

In search activity, press and hold a "saved search" title and you will see an edit option.

Well, this is a temporary edit and doesnt sync with server.

(long tap on saved search = edit search)

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How do you save a search on the phone? (Please forgive the amnesia ... I have a couple saved so I once knew how :(


>Later: I saved a search on the desktop, and then found it on the phone. That works!

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