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Different sorting and view options for each notebook.



I currently seem to be limited to one sort and viewing option for all notebooks - as soon as I set it, it gets applied to all notebooks and there is no way to apply different options to other notebooks. I would like to see some notebooks of mine displayed in card view sorted by title, and other notebooks as snippers or something else.

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I remember when the ability to set a different sort for each notebook was introduced in what we now call Legacy. Since it was new I wasn't sure that I'd need it. Within days I had most notebooks in reverse edited order whilst others were alphabetical.

I cope quite easily with the current option. I use search to quickly locate a note but I agree that this would be a useful addition.

That said I'm sure it has been suggested by others. We should have a search and maybe add views to those earlier requests ;)

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Completely agree.

The legacy version of Evernote offered to 'always use' a selected sort order on the selected Notebook.  And it also offered to sort on many more note properties.  The current version only offers to sort your notes by Title, Date Created and Date Updated.

Would love to see the return of a much more robust sorting capabilities with the ability to save a sort order for each notebook.


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