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Web clipper keyboard shortcuts

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I have set up the web clipper to open when pressing Alt E (via Chrome extension keyboard shortcuts chrome://extensions/shortcuts  On Windows 11 also)

From there I can do a number of useful things as below:

Format          A (article), B (bookmark), F (full page), M (screenshot)
Tag                T then search
Notebook     N then search
Comments   T to move to Tag and then tab (may be multiple to "jump" over tags)
Save              Enter for a standard clip. If in Tags, Comment etc then SHFT TAB to back out then Enter

That's all good but I couldn't find anything to select Simplified Article? Is anyone aware of what this is? Also perhaps there is one for Comments as my workaround is ok but a bit clunky

Think it would be useful if Evernote puts these letters after the options in the Clipper so people can become aware of them more easily. Also on their web clipper support pages and perhaps even in the Evernote application itself in the keyboard shortcuts area

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3 hours ago, RobPenfold said:

That's all good but I couldn't find anything to select Simplified Article?

THe shortcut for simplified article is C. There is a complete list of shortcuts if you go to the gear icon and then open the shortcuts tab.


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