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Payment unsuccessful. Try again.

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I have been trying to use the 40 % discount offter and then 50% since 15 days. I got a link from support person as well but the payment was unsuccessful. I tried my cred card as well as debit card no luck.

I had dto delete my subscription from itunes and tried payment from new browser its just not working.

I have lots of stuff in my note books and i dont wish to switch to other apps.

Is anyone else facing this issue?


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Finally I was able to renew my subscription from iTunes form my iPhonw. But sadly I was did not get the offer what it was opoping me up from desk top or iPhone app that I can get 50% off. I end up paying the full amount :(

Earlier I had got a link from support with offter 40% discount and payment option cread / debit card did not work from 2 different cards.

The support person confirmend that the payment failure was not due to location from India.

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