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Web clip generated note treats the first line of content as tags

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After clipping foreign language webpages as full articles I'd usually add a copy of its translation to the top of the note.

It seems to be a new feature that clipped content now appears in a box, as follows,image.thumb.png.d04c186155105ce27654cb8bfaa16258.png

which is nice, but as I added the text (by first putting a line break between the box and the note title, because otherwise the cursor is redirected to the bottom of the note) while they did successfully manifest themselves at where they should, that whole block of text was simutaneously parsed into tags 🤯

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A web clip is a container inside of the note, that can't be changed or edited.

If you want to put edits into it (adding a translation is an edit), you need to convert it first into a simplified version. Click on the web clip header and select the magic wand that appears right on top. After simplifying you can add whatever you want to the clip.

However, formatting will be changed by simplifying. If you want to retain the original clip, paste the translation outside of the web clip.

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4 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

paste the translation outside of the web clip.

Why, of course, that's exactly what I did. I was talking about such behavioural problem that the new text added right before the web clip block were being treated as new tags for the note entry. Seems like there is a formatting problem.

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