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Great software, using it since more than 10 years, now!

A feature that I would like to see implemented by Evernote is the existencee of a media gallery (or medial folder), where clipped images (e.g. from web or camera), as well as other media, could be stored, not necessarily being embedded into a pre-existing note.

Example. I screen shot a document with my mobile, and place it in the gallery. Later, when at home, on my PC, I add the document to an existing note, or to a new note, without necessarily a pre-existing or new note embedding the new content in first instance. 

All the best and Happy Christmas to users and developers. 



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I don't see this feature arriving soon. In the meantime you could probably achieve this by creating a Media Gallery notebook or, better still, a tag.

Add the tag then when you get home to undertake housekeeping just view the notes with that tag.


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