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Notes from shared notebook being copied to private notebook and disappearing from shared notebook

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For the last twenty-four hours, Every note I access on my legacy Mac app has disappeared from the shared notebook on which it is supposed to be, and a copy of it has appeared on one of my private notebooks.  It doesn't disappear for anyone else who has access to the notebook, and while it doesn't disappear on the web client, the copied notes appear in my private notebook on the web client.

I've tried to remove the shared notebook and re-add it, but it doesn't change anything.  What's going on and is there any way to fix it?

The reason I'm not using the new version of the app is because it freezes pretty-much constantly and is practically unusable.

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The new EN version on my Macs (MacBook Pro Intel and Mac Mini M1) works fine and snappy - no issues in general.

Legacy on the other hand is close to broken when opened under Ventura.

Anything support will tell you is to upgrade, and that legacy is deprecated software nobody is going to touch any more, whatever the malfunction or even crashing may be. And this is the only advise I can offer you as well.

The database structure of legacy is already not integrating some of the data types used by v10. With the new syncing approach, I assume there is a good chance legacy will stop to work altogether. If I were you, I would at least have a v10 client installed and used from time to time, to have a working fallback option.

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