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Desuscribirme de Evernote

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Hola a tod@s. 

Actualmente Evernote Free solamente permite trabajar en un dispositivo (en mi caso Evernote Web), y no hay forma de acceder a los archivos, notas o materiales desde un celular. Bajé la app y me pide prueba por 7 días o 15 días para tener las funcionalidades

Por lo tanto quiero desuscribirme de Evernote antes de desinstalar el software

¿Me pueden ayudar a hacerlo?

No encuentro el link para eliminar mi cuenta. 


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You can work on 2 devices when using the Free account. This includes mobile devices - where you need to install the EN app from the AppStore / PlayStore. You can use the installed client plus the web client on desktop - but then it is counted as 2 devices, even if it runs on the same physical computer. In this case you consumed both „devices“, and won’t be able to open EN on mobile.

To use it on mobile, unsync one of the other clients. The web client will give you more flexibility, because it always counts as one „device“, even if used on several physical computers. On the other hand the installed client has some abilities the web client is lacking.

However, after cutting back to use only one client, you can add another on a mobile device. Or move to a subscription, which will give you unlimited devices, beside other features.

if you want to quit using EN, you can get all information in the EN help database.


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