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"Ghost" notes on Android

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Bear with me. I use Evernote for various things and one thing I use it for a lot is tracking things I've ordered online. When I get the order confirmation email I forward it to an "Orders" Notebook. When the item ships I move the Note to my "In the Post" Notebook. I have the "Filtered Notes" widget set up on my devices so that I have a quick overview of everything I'm expecting in my "In the Post" Notebook.

On opening Evernote on Android there are always four extra ghost notes in the Filtered Notes widget. These are old notes that were deleted months ago (and predate my Android device). Only the titles show (there's no content) and, as the notes don't actually exist, I can't delete them. They disappear after a few minutes (after syncing?).

I've tried clearing my Android cache, signing out, deleting and reinstalling the app but nothing helps.

I know, in the grand scheme of things, it's fairly minor, but it's irritating me. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thank you!

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