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Evernote Updated, All of my notes disappeared

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I am a evernote user of a couple years who uses it as an application on my Macbook Air laptop. Currently I am running Sienna I believe.

I normally when using evernote would just click on the evernote app and automatically all my files would come up and I would edit them, this has been going on for years. I barely even remember registering  with an email address since i was NEVER asked for it, but if the files would be connected to anything it would have probably would have been my apple ID. 

So i clicked on the app the other day, and it has updated, asking me to sign in, I tried every possible email I have to see if I already have an account, no luck, and when I try to put in my apple ID it takes me to a loading error screen with a frowny face. So I can't reach any of my notebooks that i spent years categorizing. Thanks evernote! I tried re downloading the app, I tried downloading evernote legacy, no luck. The layout as well of the new evernote looks completely different from what I was using. 

Posting this is a shot in the dark and my last attempt to reach evernote support since there is no number I could find that would provide me with an evernote technician. I just want my notes back so I can categorize them on my desktop instead. Isn't there a way that my notes could be linked to my computer information? 

Also the account im posting on is an email that isn't linked with the evernote account I was using.

Help please,


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