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Content missing when importing notes (in enex file format) from Yinxiang Biji to Evernote

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I tried to import notes/notebook from Yinxiang Biji (the localized version of Evernote in China) to Evernote. I did export in Yinxiang Biji to generate the enex file and imported these enex files in Evernote. I noticed that lots of contents were missing, often times most of the text were missing and only a few picture left in the imported notes. I tried importing the enex file in another Yinxiang Biji account, and it imported correctly. So it seems there are some compatibility issue between Yinxiang Biji and Evernote. 

Anyone experienced this issue before? What is the possible solution?


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On 11/20/2022 at 4:13 PM, Nienya said:

What is the possible solution?

These two companies are now separately owned and no longer necessarily share the same architecture.  I'd suggest you contact both Support teams.

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