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Organizing Notes with Notebook Sections



I have been using Evernote for a few years now, but I have been struggling to organize my notes most efficiently.

I know that Evernote's search tool is great but I still prefer to have my notes neatly organized.

I find that my notes are often messy and all over the place. This is due to Evernote's limited hierarchy system of just 2 levels deep (Stacks > Notebook > Notes).
After spending countless hours trying to organize my notes, it becomes so frustrating and overwhelming that it sometimes prevents me from adding more notes to keep Evernote from becoming too messy.

After many months of trying to find ways to best organize my notes, I don't think Evernote's organizational system works for me; even trying to create as many levels as possible with tags didn't work out for me. Somehow my brain doesn't work with tags so much. At times some of my tags are of similar names of the same meaning which defeats the purpose again.

However, I find that having 'Sections' within notebooks will greatly help me.
(E.g. Stacks > Notebooks > Sections > Notes)
Just like a book with chapters on the front page, I just have to go to that particular section to search my notes without scrolling so much or trying to remember what is the title of my note. At least this will give me more room for organizing, keep this neat and tidy and faster to search for notes.

Another thing to point out is, it will also be very good if the "Create on" date and time are made visible on every note. It will help when referring back to things as well.

I have also attached an image of the mockup so you can visualize better what I have suggested.

I hope these suggestions for sections and visibility of "created date & time" can be implemented.

Evernote (Sections) Mockup-01.png

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  • Evernote Expert

Thanks for the suggestion. Remember that these forums are largely/mostly user to user. So to be sure that your suggestion is seen by Evernote you should use the Feedback option one the apps.

Meanwhile, you shouldn't expect a response to your post on anything but the long term.

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In not sure that the feedback form allows you to include and image. You could save a copy in Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or similar and include a link to the image in your feedback. Otherwise good need to open a support ticket.

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