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Date format for Updated and Created time stamps - how to change?

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It seems that Evernote just pushes American date format to everybody, and not care about Windows preferences or any other preferences.

It is just annoying, because "understanding" American date format is a mess, if one has been used to the ISO standard way, which is SO CLEAR: YYYY-MM-DD.
Biggest relevance first.

Please make it possible to change the UI's date formatting! (It used to be different, right?!)

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Hi.  As I understand it the date formatting follows your device settings.  It's not possible to have a different option for Evernote,  and AFAIK it never has been.  I just use a text expander to create a range of date and time formats depending on my need.  The current time and date is usually in my note titles - 20221109 - with one keypress.

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