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turn editor off for a clean reading experience



Once upon a time there was a presentation mode. And no prince came to save it.
This means that a note is always in ‘active editing modus’, even when you just want to review it.
I read that presentation mode needs a lot of code to run it. And indeed, it was sluggish on my last macbook. But perhaps a toggle that would remove all editing tools and make a note clean and easy to quickly read or study without distracting buttons or accidental edits when focussing on the content instead of the tool, would be wonderful.
Most pdf readers have this mode, mac preview has it too. By default it’s annotation tools are off and that makes for clean reading. Evernote, being an endless note, not locked into paper sizes, would be a great distraction free reading tool. If editor tools could be toggled out of sight and temporarily locked from accidental activation.

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Presentation mode is gone, and that’s OK, because it was for nearly all users a piece of unused code, maybe a nice idea but hardly ever utilized. I know it was great for those who went through the pain of learning it, but in the end it was removed, and that’s it. There are plenty of other tools if a presentation needs to be prepared.

The rest I don’t understand. I can open any note in a new window, on Mac and PC. Then I see only this notes content, and no editor will show unless I click into the note, bringing it into editing mode. If I want to make the editor go, one click into the title, and one into the area above, and the editor row is removed again. Scrolling is possible without clicking into the notes body.

For me this „Open in a new window“ is especially useful when in a Zoom conference (or similar). I can have several notes open in their windows, and I can use them to share specific notes without a need to share the main EN app screen, where maybe other information is hosted.

The same effect can be reached in the main apps window, but only for a single note, by clicking on the „expand“ icon top left. This will blow the active note up to the full size of the apps window, only exposing this notes content.

So sorry, maybe I didn’t get the idea posted here. But I see no problem that would be waiting for a solution.

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Thank you for trying to understand my request. I use the same two ways of opening a note as you suggest here.
One accidental touch or even maximising the view (in mac os-x) brings the editor into view again.

If a toggle would disable edits and the editor toolbar a cleaner study and reading mode would be available.
I’m just looking at the interface choices that were made by apple, pdf-expert and many others. A clean reader is an important feature.

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