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Hey good people in Evernote land!

I've been using your app for YEARS.....more notes than the entire collection of the Beatles, TheWho and LedZepellin combined! 

Having been on Evernote for close to 10-years, I find it "appalling" that I am still regularly prompted to "download the latest update" when 98% of the world can update their app in the background.   What gives?   Either come up with a setting that allows a user to automatically install an update or just do it without the constant interruption.   I go to evernote to take notes not update the damn thing.  

Improve.   OneNote is included.........at no additional cost.   I have options.  And you are better than this. 

Enough said. 

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Hi.  The Forum here is mainly supported by other users,  not Evernote staff.  To report issues with updates,  please contact Support directly.  But last time I had an update it was a "do you want to do this now?" kind of thing.  They are issued every every couple of weeks.  If you're getting them more often,  something else is wrong.

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