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Recurring Meeting Notes

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I am trying to come up with a structure / template to capture recurring meeting notes for a project / team.

These are meetings that happen on a regular basis and having a note for each meeting iteration is a overkill. Does anyone suggestions / help on the best way to organize and structure this notes ?

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Some ideas:

If you want to save participants, create a template or a template note with all the empty content, and a list of participants preset. Just keep those who take part.

Use a standard title format to make locating a specific meeting note simple.

Keep one note per meeting, EN does not enjoy long text based notes. It can lead to performance issues and duplication.

Create a TOC table of content note for the project. When a new meeting note was created, create a link to the note and place it at the end of the TOC. Or use a reverse order in the TOC, adding new content at the top.

Share your meeting notes with participants. The easiest way is to set up a project notebook, and share the complete notebook.

The best subscription for project management is Professional. It allows to assign tasks and create complex searches with Boolean operators.

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Thanks, @PinkElephant

The notes are for personal reference and will not be keeping track of participants. Currently I am trying to create one note for meeting and capture recurring instance notes with Dates. Doesn’t seem to be efficient. 

Alternatively I am planning to use Daily Notes and capture the meeting notes as well and summarize the outcome into the actual project document. 

I am still looking for some resources and let me know if you find any. 

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You could try a note for the meeting, using a table to structure the meeting notes. One table per meeting, with columns for topic, discussion, decisions.

The problem is: As the note grows, the risk of sync errors is growing as well.

Notes that are small and stay small work better.

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