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I have a problem related to all the tasks I created in the past. Today they suddenly disappeared. 

The attached screenshot is from Windows application, but my tasks are also missing from the web application and from the Android application.

Can someone help me to recover them? 



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20 hours ago, rodlawson said:

I have the same problem.Is this a push to get us to upgrade out subsctription?

Can someone please provide a reason or a fix for this error, I've losts weeks worth of notes/tasks

Hi, and welcome to the forums. We are mostly other users here. Definitely not a push to upgrade--Evernote doesn't operate like that. You can try to recover the tasks through note history, or submit a support request at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

But @elenaflondor only reported losing tasks. If you have lost notes as well (meaning notes without tasks), please say some more. It might be a different issue.

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also happened to me randonly , mostly happened after I tidy the tasks up and delete some of them,  it will be so annoying to recovering from the history, as then you have to make the recovered one as the main one, but then that brings another problem, you lose all the history in the recovered note.,...

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even the ticked and finished task will be gone, leave only  6 of untitled tasks.... 
usually happene after you removed some task, and seems the sync not finished to the server? then you switched to other notes? 

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