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EN Professional - Can't search within PDF files

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I've used the free version for a few weeks and just upgraded to EN Proffesional about 2 weeks ago.
The index search within files (PDF) doesn't work for me at all.
The first 2 weeks were a free test period, so I guessed the search doesn't work because I haven't been charged.
Go charged yesterday and it still doesn't work.
I have around 100 notes, maybe 30 small pdf files (maximum of 10 pages). The text in most files can be copied, so it should be possible for EN to index and find it.

Am I doing anything wrong?

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I have a number of mediocre quality from a decade or two back pdf's that OCR fails on. it could be that - it also for some reason occasionally fails on locked or adobe special encrypted locked pdf files. I'd check on the web end of things just to make sure this isn't a metadata download fail on the client side. 

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EN performs the OCR on the server, in a queue that is worked down by the OCR process. When you add a note, and it contains an eligible format, it enters the queue, and is eventually made searchable. From the result the search index is build.

Personally I am not aware how the indexing of existing content is done when a user moves from Free (pdf not indexed) to a subscription (pdf indexed). 100 notes and 30 pdfs is nothing for the process - I added as much on some days when I went paperless, and was feeding binders of paper documents into my scanner for hours.

Conclusion: Best contact support -they should be able to check serverside as well 

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In general it should index your existing files as well. I just don’t know if and maybe when the server gets the information to work it down. Questions like this are better placed with support - we in the forum are mainly other users.

This is an experience I never made - I went to a Premium subscription right away, because I had a time slot for my paperless project. I would have exceeded the Free upload limit within a few hours back then, so I subscribed right at the beginning.

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