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problemes de sécurité

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Hello, on my Smartphone Sou Android 10 for 1 week I receive a notification every day that my Evernote account has been used from a distant country that changes every day. My smartphone is however the only declared in my Gmail account. What do you think ?

Thanks a lot

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I think your account has been breached, and you should urgently take care of it:


Some further comments:

That the access seems to come from all over is due to the use of a VPN network. The bad guy can be sitting just next door, or half  around the globe. There is no way to find out, and it is not relevant either.

Usually this happens when users use the same or only slightly altered passwords on different accounts. There are hundreds of millions of user data circulating in the dark web, available for all who are willing to,pay.

To check if your user name or password are found in breaches, you can use this website:


It is highly advisable to use 2FA in addition to a unique, strong password.

Usually there are more accounts in danger than just EN. Get yourself a good password manager and change all passwords, starting with your mail accounts and everything that has to do with money and purchasing things online. Enable 2FA wherever it is offered.

Never use EN to store passwords, and think about storing sensitive information without encryption in your account. There are external encryption programs that allow you to encrypt sensitive files first before you upload them into EN.

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