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This has been requested since years, the requests thread to allow picking the thumbnail has some hundreds of votes in favor of it. However, nothing has happened on this up to now.

Remark: It may take a little, but after a while all clients should show the same thumbnail. Thumbnail creation happens on the EN server, and synchronizes from there to all clients.

If you want to define which picture will show, create the note and only put the one picture into it you want as a thumbnail. Just this single picture, no other, no pdf or similar. Then save the note and wait until the thumbnail shows. You can now put the other pictures, pdfs and similar into the note. Once a thumbnail was created, it most likely will stick.

If you use 1 note with the selected picture and a second one with all the rest, you can try to merge the 2 notes after the thumbnail was created. Move the note with the thumbnail to the top position, to make it the lead note. I have not tried myself, but this way you can probably avoid a lot of copying and moving of content from one note to another.

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