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(Archived) How to change default EXB directory

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Hello all,

I'm just installed EN for the first time. I don't normally operate as an administrator on my machine so I installed using "Run as..." Now my exb file is in ...Documents and Settings\Administrator.... rather than under my windows profile. Is there any way that I can move this. I am using WinXP SP2 and EN3beta. Many thanks for any help with this.


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I also would like to change the default location of my EXB...

I use SugarSync and it is causing duplicates. Rather than exclude My Docs\My Evernote, I would rather just move to d:\evernote.

This makes it easier to avoid adding exclusions on all of my PCs and being concious of it when I replicate My Docs using SugarSync, SyncToy, or other apps.

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Count me in for this. We use Vista's "Sync" function to sync My Docs with a network location. It works about as well as MS Sync software has ever worked, but of course that leads to issues. I'd love to specify a location so I can just use a local drive instead when appropriate.

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I found a way. While EN is closed COPY your EXB folder to your other location. Double click on the EXB in the new location, it should open in EN, if not RIGHT lick and choose OPEN WITH, choose EN off the list and then make sure the ALWAYS USE check box is checked. Now close EN and MOVE your original EN EXB folder, like, to your desktop. Now reopen EN, it should open with all your original notes. If it does you can delete the MOVED COPY of the originals, if it doesn't move the copy back and try it again.

I use Syncback SE to sync many folders on my PC, EN's notes are among these files. For other reasons I wanted it OUT of my "My Documents\Evernote" folder.

Hope this works for you. It works on my laptop and desktop.

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No luck for me. I was able to copy the EXB file out and open it as an Evernote file. That worked without any problems. However, when I "moved" the Evernote folder, the folders were re-created.

I'm on a Vista machine with Offline Sync setup for My Documents. My default "My Documents" folder is on a network share.

I'm at least able to move a little with the local copy of the EXB file, but am still hoping for the ability to move the file wherever I want and still have Evernote work. As it currently stands, I can choose a different folder in the latest beta, but am locked on the network drive so I can't choose my local drive. Hoping that changes next release.

Thanks for the tip on moving the file to an actual local drive, though. That helped quite a bit and did solve some of my issues.


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Evernote has an option to move all your files to another directory.

1. Close your local storage via Account > Close

2. Go to Tools > Options > General tab

3. Click 'Browse' button and choose the folder where you want to keep your local storage files from now on.

4. Press OK. Evernote will move all database files into that location.

5. Open your account via Account > Open.

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I'm already running However,

As it currently stands, I can choose a different folder in the latest beta, but am locked on the network drive so I can't choose my local drive. Hoping that changes next release.

As noted above, I can change the folder, but I can't make a selection other than the network share. That means that I can't even navigate to a local or even a mapped drive. I'm completely trapped on the network share. :lol:

I can see the progress and if I knew where to change this manually (registry or otherwise), I'd tweak it there. However, I can't make any changes other than to specify a different network folder with the current beta. Using the local file at least keeps me moving a little bit. Now if someone has a hack to let me make this folder path adjustment manually, I'm more than open.

Running Vista Business - 32 bit w/ SP1, "My Documents" is mapped/moved to a network share and set up for Offline File Sync.

Thanks for the follow-up reply. I think I have a ticket open and another post on the above problem. Haven't seen any responses yet, but I also realize I'm in a more unusual situation than most users.


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Yes, this is a bug that you can specify a path on the current drive only.

Meanwhile, to move files manually, do the following:

1. Close Evernote.

2. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EverNote\Evernote3, find the value 'DefaultBasePath' and set it to the path where the учи ашдуы should reside in, e.g. 'C:\Evernote Files' (without quotes).

3. Manually move .exb files from your previous location to the target directory ('C:\Evernote Files')

4. Run Evernote again.

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Thanks, that did the trick from what I can see. The problem was that the key "DefaultBasePath" didn't exist and thus I didn't know what to actually set in order to force a move of those files. Will this also affect any log files or is there a similar key for Log files?

I'm also assuming that this Registry setting is only for builds and higher. (More asked for anyone on a lower build who may want to try this than anything else... :lol: )


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I've got the same problem with my database on the network drive and unable to store it on my local drive (i.e. trapped on the network).

Thanks for the work-around. How did you add the "DefaultBasePath" to the registry? In other words, did you add a "string value", a "DWORD value"? And then what did the "Data" look like? Sorry ... but I'm able to get to the Regedit, but don't know how to take the next step of adding the DefaultBasePath.

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When I move the database file location, the log file directory is recreated in the My Documents folder - I want EVERYTHING moved -

Can this be done?

Currently -- no. We are going to add this feature later.

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