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  1. Oh, on another related note... ONENOTE has encrypted sections. They've decided it was too important to leave out. Now they do have these disclaimers: 1. You might not be able to view password protected sections on all devices. 2. Audio and Video recordings aren't protected 3. To search password protected sessions you need to unlock them first. So they went with a limited implementation model that provides something over nothing. For me, these 3 caveats would be perfectly acceptable in Evernote encrypted notebooks. Hmmm... Onenote eh? hmmmm....
  2. I too would like to see Evernote get encrypted notebooks on its radar. To those who say it can't be done. It really isn't theoretically impossible. But I do concede it would be a ton of work on Evernote's part. We're talking a whole new application architecture to do it right. A level of work that they haven't yet figured out a way to market it in a way that would pay back for its development. I think Steve Z is on to something with the business angle. And as a many year pro user, I would pay premium for that kind of upgrade. It would set evernote miles apart. But the cloud app game is young. And every body is still feeling their way around. I do know this... If Evernote EVER got hacked like Sony, and all my stuff was stolen, lawyers would be called.
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