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  1. I DID follow DTLows post and can see that you can do a switcheroo and take one device out and put one in. My point is that I foresee Evernote closing this loophole and somehow enforcing the rule of ONLY 2 devices. Take one out and they may impose a time limit or some other such mechanism that will keep you from switching it back in. The WEB interface is why I asked about how to use it on an iPhone. When you can get to it by switching to the DESKTOP version of the browser it is just so tiny and cramped that it is unusable. I may just get a subscription. I don't use EN a lot but I do use it some. I actually participated in the EN beta program years ago and BOUGHT the program, I seem to remember that I paid for an upgrade or 2 as well. Then they switched to free with the cloud base. I resisted for a while but eventually moved to it. I'm just trying to come up with a happy medium between fair use and EN's restrictions. Using the web version on a iPhone just isn't usable, yet I need the FULL client on 2 other PCs.
  2. DTLow, you can get around the 2 device limit the way you mention - for now. How long until EN 'corrects' this and won't allow it to work? I got it to work in the iOS Dolphin browser by refreshing it a few times after switching it to the desktop mode. It is, however unusable.
  3. With the recent changes in pricing and the 2 device restriction I decided to eliminate a few of my devices to get down to the 2 device limit and then just use Evernote Web on the ones I removed. I need Evernote on my Desktop and my laptop. So when I try to use the Evernote Web on my iPhone using Safari or Dolphin I can get logged in but I can't see my notes. I can't get pack the initial web page to the actual webpage showing the notes. I searched around and can't seem to get past the first page. What am I doing wrong?
  4. The installer for the 5.X version will NOT reinstall Evernote to the original location. I had previously installed Evernote to a separate encrypted drive years ago. The installer for V5 automatic update will UNinstall it from the original location (in my case E:\Program Files\Evernote) and then reinstall it back to the C:\Program Files\Evernote. The exact same thing has happened on 3 computers I have updated this way. Will it allow me to choose the location if I uninstall and download the full installer manually? I have also relocated my database to be on the encrypted E: drive, in one PC out of 3 it relocated the DB to the normal default location under \Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Evernote. I have to add that I do NOT like the new interface. Too much wasted space, note titles that scroll off the screen, the ugly flat style and funky icons. Please don't pull a "Microsoft Windows 8" on us and leave this without a way to to go back to something like the older interface. I've used Evernote for a years. I even BOUGHT the app TWICE before it became a free and long before it became a cloud app. This is perhaps the largest and worst change I've seen to the product.
  5. Certainly not the answer but how about moving your tags into groups according to databases? Only have the tags open that refer to that DB.
  6. Back to the original question: Use a separate notebook when it makes sense to you. I use ONE notebook for all my stuff, personal and work related. can imagine some might want to separate it say for instance if there was a chance you might have to leave work related stuff behind if you should ever quit the job. If you share a db it makes sense too. Perhaps you're just a neat freak and want it that way. Other reason might be to keep the size down, I imagine if you store a boat load of photos in a db the size might grow quite large and slow down lading and searching a tad. I could envision a few more scenarios but I think you get the picture.
  7. The most recent Upgrade to Evernote ( at least in Windows) removes the WORK OFFLINE check box off the main ACCOUNT menu. The reason cited was that it was redundant to the "existing checkbox '[x] Sync automatically every [N minutes]'." on the ACCOUNTS -> PROPERTIES -> SYNCHRONIZATION tab (as discussed here : viewtopic.php?f=30&t=6628#p24777 ). I personally would like the check box RETURNED as it is a lot easier to check from the ACCOUNT menu then digging into the properties of every notebook, Please post POLITE requests to this thread encouraging Evernote to restore the checkbox. BTW: Both instances of my Evernote applications started up synchronization automatically after this upgrade even though I previously had synchronization turned OFF and the WORK OFF LINE box was checked. You might want to check on yours after the upgrade. If you want EVERYTHING off line the ultimate solution is to ONLY use local notebooks.
  8. What worries me is the word "essentially" being used over and over, is it off-line or isn't it? The "work off-line" check box directly on the Account menu was reassuring. I am 1/3 of local IT and that is part of a 200+ member team of corporate IT. I do run a few "personal" apps that really enhance my work and save time - Evernote being one of them. I try my best to be low key and keep the apps I use under wraps. Having the thing automatically go BACK on-line during an update is frustrating to say the least. It just seems pointless to take it away when it was so convenient and a MUCH used feature - even if it was only turned on ONCE (that is OFFLINE) and simply used as a check to make SURE it was off. Please put it back.
  9. I for one would request that this feature be PUT BACK. I too am dealing with a paranoid IT department - in this case ME - and I do not like the fact that there is no easy one click method to ensure that it is always off. If I can I'm un-installing the last upgrade and going back to This really seems like a step backward and looks like you are preparing to box users into the web account access only. What pray tell lead you to believe that users did not want or need this "feature"?
  10. Hmm, I installed it into the same directory it's running from, and even REinstalled it like 3 times now to the SAME directory. It runs as full for a while then seemingly spontaneously changes to portable. I have however moved my DB file to an alternate location. I do have 2.2 still installed, could this be an issue?
  11. Well, today I opened EN to find that it is yet again EN portable. It was EN FULL last week when I checked it last. I am in the habit of deleting TEMP files periodically using a util that I have. Am I deleting something that differentiates between EN portable and EN full?
  12. I thought I responded to this but guess it didn't go through. I discovered that I was running EN PORTABLE - which does not have HELP -> CHECK FOR UPDATES. About 4 times now I have totally UNINSTALLED EN3 and reinstalled it only to have it revert to EN portable. WTH is going on here? I reinstall, do an update check (maybe even a few over a few days / weeks) I go to check again and CHECK FOR UPDATES isn't there and my full blown EN3 is again portable? What can be causing this?
  13. I found a way. While EN is closed COPY your EXB folder to your other location. Double click on the EXB in the new location, it should open in EN, if not RIGHT lick and choose OPEN WITH, choose EN off the list and then make sure the ALWAYS USE check box is checked. Now close EN and MOVE your original EN EXB folder, like, to your desktop. Now reopen EN, it should open with all your original notes. If it does you can delete the MOVED COPY of the originals, if it doesn't move the copy back and try it again. I use Syncback SE to sync many folders on my PC, EN's notes are among these files. For other reasons I wanted it OUT of my "My Documents\Evernote" folder. Hope this works for you. It works on my laptop and desktop.
  14. I have to admit that while I find the online notes interesting I have no real use for them. I have a local notebook and have EN turned offline. I find that I am not reminded of new updates when they come out. And I have to go to the online version, log in and go to the download link and actually start a download of the product just to see if there is a new version. I would suggest a CHECK FOR NEW VERSION link on the EN 3.0 HELP menu or at least posting the present build number in the download link for EN 3.0.
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