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Issues with Tagging

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I have been having issues with tagging in a shared notebook that is owned by a coworker of mine.  I do not have the ability to create new tags, but even the new tags that my coworker has created I cannot see?


Has anyone else had similar issues?

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5 hours ago, mpow said:

Has anyone else had similar issues?

Various tagging issues are mentioned throughout the Forum.  You can't add tags to notes in an account owned by someone else,  but you should be  able to see them - can you explain in more detail when,  why and how you need to see tag changes?  If it's just a question of adding a tag to a note,  then that might not sync.  Maybe more editing is required?  If either of you is a subscriber,  you might try reaching out to Support on this...  (we're not them.) 

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