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images deleted from my notes



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OK, not a person of many words …

I take from your feedback that it is not a local database corruption, because the effect has taken over on the server copy as well.

This means that probably there is a real danger of loosing the pictures (which of course is pretty bad).

Step 1: Try to recover an older version through note history (desktop only, subscription only)

Step 2: Contact support 

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do you have other suggestions?

I'm always taking screenshots and pasteing them in the notes.
I don't know why some of them have been deleted now..
I'm not a subscriber so I can't do step 1 and also step 2 as the support is available only for subscribers  

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No, no other idea. The files in fact look bad, out of whatever reason. I am a user like you, so I can try to sort things out.

But at a certain point all other possibilities are exhausted.

Note history is an option, because it runs for all accounts, including free ones. So there should be older versions of the notes saved on the EN server already. What is restricted to subscribers is the access to the history, not the history itself.

A month of subscription will cost the same as a „large to go with flavor“. It will unlock note history, and give you access to support. You just need to decide for yourself if the content is worth it.

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