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Business Travel Receipts

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I have used many receipt apps on the go (Expense it, Expensify) but my goal is to do as much as possible with Evernote. My challenge is I have to keep all receipts (meals, gas, incidentals, phone, etc.) How can I easily have PDF output at the end of the month with multiple receipts per page(s) to upload to my company's system?  I am used to taking pictures or scans at time of event. One thought would be end of day in hotel room put receipts side by side and scan a page daily. Other ideas to keep it simple? 

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Give this a try:

Scan the receipt using the build in scanner. It creates a note, for example one per trip.

Apply tags to the notes, minimum Travel and Open.

At the end of the month, use a saved search for the tags Travel and Open to find the notes. Select all, export to pdf.

It will create a pdf from the selected notes, including the pictures.

Check that it has worked. Remove the Open tag from the selection, add if you want a tag like Done.

Downside: Pictures may be truncated on export. Check first on a sample. Usually the company wants the stuff only for audits - then it doesn’t play a role if it looks „nice“.

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