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What to do about tasks that are far in the future?

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Am greatly enjoying the Tasks functionality in EN.  However, I am finding that tasks whose due dates are far in the future are simply sitting in broad view and adding to distraction.  For example, I have some subscriptions that are renewing 11 months from today.  I can put a task to alert me in 11 months to make sure to cancel the subscription but I will see them cluttering the Tasks pane every day.  Ideally speaking it would be nice if these things disappeared for a while and then popped back closer to the day.  Or perhaps things like these should not even be tasks in the first place?  Just wondering how people were dealing with far-in-the-future tasks?

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I typically only look at Tasks using the 'Due dates' tab. I have several tasks scheduled out into October, one in November, one in July 2023 and one in June 2025. 

I see those that are overdue, those that are due today, and some of those due in the next 7 days in the 'current view' of the list. I have to scroll down to see tasks scheduled further out, so I never really notice my tasks that are that far out in the future. (I didn't even remember I had any out there until I went looking for them.)

I guess it doesn't feel cluttered or distracting to me.

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