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skitch not working on MacOS Monterey version 12.5.1

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I updated my mac to Version 12.5.1 and now when I try to take a screenshot with Skitch 2.9, I just get a screenshot of my desktop and not of the item/document I've screenshot.

I went to my settings to double check and under "Screen Recording" and "Full Disk Access", I have skitch checked. 

Any suggestions on how to make this work again?


thank you<


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I suppose you use the AppStore version of the EN client.

This causes random problems.

Log out of the client and uninstall, using AppCleaner to remove everything from the Mac. Uninstall Skitch. Restart the Mac. Download the DMG from the EN website. Install, log in. Now install Skitch, and log in as well.

Hope it now works. If not, check the settings in security, tab privacy.

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