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Need help on unsyncing devices

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I need help because I am completed locked out of my Evernote app-wise. I have performed an selection of devices to the 2 that I needed, out of the three. It was done but when I tried to open the app in one the devices, I was required to do select again. And right now, it keeps asking me to select device but I have run out of selection tries. What can I do now? Since I ca no longer sign into any of my devices?


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5 hours ago, gazumped said:

Hi.  Sorry but there are only two solutions here - subscribe (even if only for a month or two) to immediately sort out your devices,  or wait out the suspension.

Understanding the device limit 

Thanks! Thankfully I got it sorted out. I opened the email I received when I first unsynced one device and used the link there to finalize the two desired devices. But thanks for your reply nonetheless. Appreciate it.


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