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Unable to delete a note shared with me

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I have multiple shared notes. These notes have been shared by a person but I am not in contact with him anymore. As I read you need to ask the person to unshare and after that I will be able to delete the notes. But that is not possible since I lost contact.


So my question is how can I delete these notes? 


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Simple answer: AFAIK you can’t. The person probably deleted the original of the share, and now you have a orphaned copy.

The only thing you can do is to move it to another notebook, like ZZZold.

You can as well contact support, maybe they have an idea.

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I am being driven crazy by constant popping up of old / badly named tags that I want to delete so I don't have to look at them.   Since they were created with shared note, it only gives me option to "Add Shortcut".   Isn't there anyway I can get rid of these tags?    


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Tags created on shared notes belong to the owner of the shared notes. They belong to his account, not to yours when you just received the share. You can apply them, but only to the notes shared, or in case of a shared notebook to all notes in that notebook.

You can’t manage them, because in this case you would manage the tagging system somebody else has build on his account.

So either talk to the person who shared the notes with you - or if the share went sour, learn to live with the outcome.

You may contact support, but I doubt they can do much about it.

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