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All Notes backup

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In the past I would select all notes and then do an export to make a quick backup of all of my notes.

I tried doing this today and I see that I can only select 50 notes at one time ???

Can someone tell me if there is another way to do this OR will I have to do this notebook by notebook (crossing my fingers that this isn't the case).

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

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Hi.  Your 'export' of all notes probably did not contain any notebook information - if you restored from that file,  you'd get all your notes in one notebook.  The 'correct' way is to export each individual notebook,  which is still possible from the Notebooks page in Evernote Desktop.  

There's some more information here in case it's helpful - Export notes and notebooks as ENEX or HTML  |  Back up and restore your data in Evernote for Windows

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Thank you gazumped.

I see backing up by selecting all notes is no longer doable UNLESS I only have 50 notes or less ;)

I liked having that ability as it was an easy way to backup everything in one go.


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17 minutes ago, mikek72 said:

selecting all notes is no longer doable

If you check the help pages,  it should be clear that you can select and export a notebook,  regardless of how many notes there are.  Exporting multiple notebooks is not advisable,  as I pointed out.  Your other option though is to run Evernote Legacy alongside v10.  As long as you keep that database synced you can select and download as before.

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