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I deleted a duplicate note permanently from the trash and found out that it deleted the main note as well and this is the page I get when I try to open it. It is still in the notebook but doesn’t show the contents. Can I restore the main note again? Thnx.


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To me this looks as if the note is gone. Probably there still is an entry in the local database on the phone pointing to the note (mobile only holds an index on device, the notes themselves are on the server), but it points to an empty location.

You can take a look at the master copy of your notes on the server through the web client. If you find the note there (look at the trash as well), I would duplicate it to draw a fresh copy of it. If you are lucky, the duplicate will sync to all devices, correcting the situation.

Else if you can open the note on the web, you can create a new note manually, and copy the content from the other note.

If the content can’t be found any more, the contentious probably gone. Last resort would be to contact support about it.

Free users: The web client may be a 3rd device, support access is a subscribers feature.

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Thanks, finally solved it!

The problem was that this was set as the default notebook where all the notes are saved. So I created a new notebook and moved all my notes to it except this one that couldn’t be moved then went to the app settings and chose notebook settings then changed the default notebook to the new one and finally had the option to delete the notebook after it was greyed out.

You might avoid all these steps if you can change the default notebook first, then maybe you can delete a single note, but not sure though. Thanks.

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