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Deleting notes in notebooks when I switch to a different notebook.

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Lately, everytime I switch to a different notebook to take notes I will lose all of my notes from the previous notebook.  It deletes all of my writing and replaces it with checklist boxes.  Before I switch I make sure that it saves "All changes saved" in the lower left corner and yet it still happens.


Is anyone else having this issue? How have you fixed it? Are you able to get your deleted notes back?

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Hi and welcome to the forums. I haven't encountered this personally. It would help to have a couple more details. Does deleted text ever reappear? If not, can you access Note History? This is on the latest version (I think 10.39) of the Windows desktop app, correct? If the text disappears, is it still there in the Evernote Web client, which is directly accessing Evernote's servers? I appreciate that you're waiting for "All changes saved," which is a good idea. Still, how is your Internet connection? Evernote does so much interacting with its cloud servers that even a connection that works for other apps apparently can give it problems.

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