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Problem with paragraphs when exporting a note to pdf

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When exporting a note to PDF, Evernote (Windows application) does not take into account the spaces (blanks) between my paragraphs (all my text is tight)

When I use the web version of Evernote and print to PDF, I don't have this problem?

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Hi. When you print from the web you're using the browser's print features,  not Evernote.  The missing spaces quirk may be something Evernote will (or has) fixed, but the chances are that you won't see an update to fix this locally anytime soon.  The way to deal with this would be to use a word processing package that saves its output to PDF to avoid the need for any conversion.  Make your notes in the package and attach the file to your note.  Edit and/ or Print out for production,  copy/ paste the content into a note to feed the find button. 

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