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(Archived) 1Password and "Clip to Evernote" bookmarklet



I'm trying to use 1Password together with the "Clip to Evernote" bookmarklet feature in Safari, and I'm running into a problem. This video (http://screencast.com/t/VwvesRrNqxp) shows the issue pretty clearly. 1Password can't know that I want to present the log in credentials for Evernote because the "underlying URL" of the page Safari is on tells 1Password that I'm looking for the underlying page's login credentials rather than Evernote's.

I posted this in the 1Password forum (at http://forum.agile.ws/index.php?/topic/ ... pid__16745) and they suggested I post in here, since they seem to feel that this is caused by the nature of the Evernote "Clip to Evernote" bookmarklet rather than a 1Password issue.

Any help would be appreciated--thanks much

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Our little clipper panel is opened in its own "iFrame" within the page, but we can't change the top-level URL of the page, since that would reload the browser and change what you're trying to clip.

If 1Password only works based on the top-level URL of the browser page, that may not be able to support Evernote's bookmarklet.

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The small window would need to be closed by the user every time, and could easily fall behind the main window if you click at the wrong place at the wrong time. So the little "in browser" version is a bit quicker to use without dealing with desktop window juggling.

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