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Text recognition



 One feature that I suggest you include in future versions is to integrate with Google Lens, in particular with text recognition which would be very useful. 

Keep up the good work.
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Evernote makes every picture searchable, if it contains text and as well handwriting. This runs in the background, on the server, the user just finds out when he searches and get the pictures among the search results.

In addition you can export a picture to run it with other apps, like G Lens, MS Lens (no idea who „invented“ this first), Apples OS feature (no „lens“ needed, part of the photos app).

From looking at the past, I don‘t think EN will make itself dependent on another company by integrating such a function into the app. Especially from Google services (not to talk about Facebook …) it is known that developers who use them do share their customer information with Google or Facebook as well. This is build into the SDKs used - you can‘t remove the data sharing without destroying the key functions.

I would not accept to have my personal information shared with Google or Facebook - Period.

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