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**Feature Request** - Default Header Colors



I would like the ability to associate a header with a font color. For example, yellow with a Large header, orange with a Medium header, red with a Small header. Additionally adding a hot-key or selection on the context menu which popups during a right-click event, to color code a keyword or phrase without having to mouse up to the color selection area and select a color.

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You can set up a note to your liking. When you are done, change the header text style to your settings. Then save it as a template, or put it into the shortcut notes.

Whenever you want to use it, open the template from a new note, or duplicate that template note. It will now have the colored headers.

There is no way to do this to all notes, since the text Styles don’t allow global changes,  but by templates you can at least make it easier to apply.

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