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For a number of years now, I have been using FileThis to auto-fetch account statements and file them in Evernote.  It is very useful to have all this content in Evernote and it has come in handy on numerous occasions.  It appears that FileThis was sold in an asset sale in 2020 and will at some point cease to operate.  Integrating a feature like FileThis into Evernote itself would be a great addition.  It removes the need to log into separate websites to see statements, etc., and gives you a single point of reference.  Thanks.

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This is clearly out of scope for EN. And it is of course no positive story to say these guys are going out of business - I think they need to go because running such a service, with ever more demanding levels of access authorization is probably more costly in permanent hassle than profitable.

What can you do ?

I am not aware of similar services (and beside this, I would NEVER trust them with access data to any sensitive account, like a bank account).

See if you can get the documents by email - forward them to your account.

Download them from time to time, drop them on an import folder to get them into your account.

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