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(Archived) Remembering the current note when switching between apps


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I love the new Android app. My only complaint is that when I open a single note, switch to another app, and then switch back, Evernote reverts you back to its home screen. Why can't it remember that I was looking at a specific note? This is really annoying when you're trying to switch back and forth between two different apps (like GMail) in order to compare information or copy paste text.

This also happens when you create or edit a note. If you switch to a different app whilst in the middle of a create or edit, you'll come back and Evernote will have reverted back to the home screen and you lose all the changes you may have made to the created/edit note.

Other Android apps don't seem to have this issue. Can this be fixed in a future update?


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It seems this issue has been fixed in the new 2.5 beta.

As far as I know your previous activity has always been maintained if possible. It is conceivable though that the system will kill your activity if memory runs low (this is standard android behavior, and not something we are able to modify).

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Hi twistedstream,

Did you use Evernote widget to relaunch Evernote app while switching between views?

If yes, then as a temporary solution stop using widget while switching between apps.

Widget has some problem which we are trying to address.

Switching using Evernote shortcut from app tray is the safest way.

Pls let us know if this was helpful. This will help us in narrowing down to the exact root cause.



Android Developer


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