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  1. In order to remove the offline notebook data after you trip: 1. Set those notebooks to no longer be stored offline. 2. Clear cache from the Evernote settings screen, and wait a few moments as they are cleaned up in the background.
  2. She should have received an email when you shared the notebook with her. All she needs to do is click the link in the email and it should become visible in her account.
  3. In regards to the web clipper: try launching your browser before using it. We should be putting a fix in for this in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.
  4. Do you have the app installed on the SDcard? That might be the cause. Consider installing the app on internal storage. The apk footprint is admittedly a bit large currently, however the majority of data is stored in a seperate folder on the SDcard (regardless of where the apk is installed), so it shouldn't increase much after the initial install.
  5. Are you sure that you aren't clearing the application data as well, when you force quit the application? It sounds like the sharedPreferences are being removed.
  6. If you can send us a log, I'll check it out and see if there's anything I can do to help.
  7. tunnelmath, Are you a premium user? We give premium users priority when generating recognition data on media, so they should get it almost immediately. It may take a few days to generate this data for free users though, owing to a large backlog of requests.
  8. While the other values that you're specifying are specific to that particular note, tags are separate entities living within an account, that can be used on multiple notes. If you try to import an enex into the mac client, you'll notice a dialog pops up verifying whether you would like to import the tags. This was done to prevent polluting the user's tag list with a plethora of tags from an incoming note, which they would need to later tidy up manually. We may do something similar on the Android client in the future, but for now, we simply ignore tags.
  9. If you are a premium user, I recommend the following: 1. Open the app settings. 2. Choose offline Notebooks. 3. Check off whatever notebooks you want to be cached on the device. Now, whenever you choose sync from the options menu, or the app syncs in the background, it should also download the content and resources for each of the notes in the selected notebook. It'll likely take a while to complete the first sync after you make the change.
  10. Certain phones simply don't provide camera resolution controls when using the image capture intent. A simple workaround that does not involve downloading a new camera app: 1. Take the photo using the standard camera app directly 2. Open Evernote and Create/Edit a note 3. Attach the picture from the gallery
  11. As far as I know your previous activity has always been maintained if possible. It is conceivable though that the system will kill your activity if memory runs low (this is standard android behavior, and not something we are able to modify).
  12. I think this problem is solved in the newest beta, which I believe you should find if you check for updates now.
  13. I think shared notebooks might be what you're looking for: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/12/01/eve ... ok-stacks/ The android client does not yet support this however.
  14. Sorry you're experiencing problems upgrading, but maybe you can assist me in determining the cause. 1. Is your Evernote app installed internally or on the SD card? 2. Is the app trying to sync while you try to install the new version? 2. Is your internal memory almost full? 2. Have you tried rebooting the device and upgrading again?
  15. When you create a note on the 2.x client, it is not whisked away to the cloud and made locally inaccessible. A copy is first stored on the device (which you can access without a data connection). The note is then immediately synced to your Evernote account, so you may access it from wherever you wish. Notes created on other devices are retrieved by the Android client on demand, and cached so that they may also be viewed offline. Now suppose that you modify a note on the windows or the web, which you previously viewed on android. Sync the android client, and view the note again. The app will realize that the local copy of the note is no longer up to date and remove it. If a network connection is available, an up to date copy of the note will be downloaded immediately. So unless you modify a particular note somewhere else then sync the android client, manually clear the cache through settings, or become seriously low on space on your SDCard, that note will be available offline The advantage to having a premium account is that notes will be periodically updated with whatever changes have happened in the cloud. This means, notes that have not been recently viewed will still be available offline, and will load more quickly because an updated copy will not have to be downloaded.
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