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Lost all my notes once I updated my user information.

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I was asked to update my user information.  Followed the prompts, then when I went back to access my notes they were gone.  We changed email accounts when moving, which was many years ago, but I am wondering if that caused a problem.  At any rate, I need help figuring out how to get back in to my notes.   No one answers any of the phone numbers.  I think I need some one on one help to get this straightened out.


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Hi.  You've given zero information about your device(s),  OS,  Evernote version or where you got this request from,  and exactly what you did in response.  The most common reason for 'losing' all your notes is that you may have created a new account - which is the blank one that you're seeing - and your original data is sitting on Evernote's servers under your old sign-in details.  So I'd suggest you log out of Evernote and try your original user ID - including the 'old' email address if necessary - to see whether you get a different result.

If you have any problems,  you'll need to contact Support here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/arequests/new  (subscribers) or here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps (Free users) - or use the feedback option in the mobile client.

(The Forum is mainly users supporting users so we don't have any access to personal details.)


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