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Unable to exit edit mode with Skitch on MacOS

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When I start Sketch I am already in "tools" mode.  I can figure away our of it.  ESC temporality suspends marking up the capture.  I hope this make sense.  I must be missing some simple

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Sketch or Skitch ?

This is not the same !

Sketch is the drawing feature build into the EN app.

Skitch is an independent app, that saves into an EN account, but can be used independently as well.

Please make up your mind.

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I apologize.  I was typing on my iPhone.  I am using Skitch Version 2.9 (265153) on Mac OS Big Sur version 11.6.6. 

The issue I am having is when I first capture a screen in Skitch or open a previous capture screen I am in Annotate mode with the arrows, shapes, text and I do not know how to escape that mode.  

For example if I want to move the capture screen I can't grab it because I am always in annotate mode.  I hope that is clear.  Thank you




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It is intentional that you are in edit mode when grabbing something.

You leave through the (hardly recognizable, dark on dark) icons above the captured area, or by using the Skitch menu at the top of the Macs screen:


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