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passwords don't work

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Whoa....have not vistied Evernote for a while.  It's on steroids.  Not sure how I feel.  I'm already happy with all of my apps and services that Evernote seems to be jumping on the bandwagon with.  I really loved that it was a storage and collection filling system for so many things I want to save.  It feels way over complicated now.

I can get the password to work on my phone.  The passowrd will not work on my new mini  ipad.  Any suggestions.  It is frustrating if they are on the cusp of new products, they don't offer real people to talk to until it all gets launched .



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Make sure you do not write your password as you have done it here :        … The passowrd will …    

A single typo may render it useless. Another issue: How do you introduce the password ? We have had reports that pasting it from some password managers seems to add an invisible character, which changes the password. The login then fails.

So in case you have trouble, really type it into the password field. I can confirm that pasting from 1Password is working.

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