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My notes are not synching to my new mac

Joe Dulak


Two things happened. I changed my email for my account and I installed Evernote on a new macbook air. My notes are not synching. I can still see them on my phone, but my mac doesn't see the phone listed as part of the account.

I updated my email online through Evernote, but since I am using the free version I had to turn it off on my current laptop to even get into the online set-up to change my email. I could not figure out how to make the change on my phone or laptop. 

In short I can see my notes on my phone but not my macbook air.

Any help would be appreciated. (Oh, and it won't let me share a folder on my phone to myself... which probably makes sense, I was just trying a workaround.)



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You likely have a devices conflict with your new setup. Since you seem to have changed more things at a time, I do not feel able to sort it mentally out - it may play a role in which sequence you did what. 


The probably easiest way to sort things out would be to subscribe (for a month). This will lift all restrictions and give you access to support. Then unsync all devices no longer needed, establish a stable operation on the 2 devices that will be left, use support if needed to solve any account issues.

You can then fall back to a working Free setup after 30 days.

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