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Hi all,

Since a couple of months I'm not able to accept notebooks. We work with evernote in the office and it seems I'm the only one who isn't able to accept the new notebooks.

I've attached the error code, it's in Dutch so I'll translate it here:

"The Notebook "Xxxxxxx" can't be opened
You are not authorised to consult the notebook or the owner has perhaps deleted it."

The author of the notebook just shared it with me and seen my colleagues are able to accept and consult the notebook it seems to be an issue with my evernote. 

I'm currently using the legacy version, yet the problem remains when using the online web version or the normal evernote version for windows.

Evernote foutmelding.JPG


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The forum is user2user, so probably nobody will read your log file here. Since the log file can contain sensitive information you should remove it from here.

If you want assistance, contact support. They will only help you with the new version, but as you say it doesn‘t work either.


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