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Why oh why has the table editing not improved much over all this time? Column width is only editable via the ‘Set width’ function and once used, it cannot be undone.  Setting width is a basic functionality need.

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Hrrrr - Hmmm - you are posting in the subforum of the OLD iOS client (RIP).

You want to remind us that in that version there was (nearly) no support at all for tables, except a very cryptic, bad to assign workaround via keyboard ? You couldn't even add a new row (or only by some keyboard acrobatics), nor delete one, nor do much of anything with tables on iOS.

I am pretty happy with what we got now, and I can go for a long time without column width adjustment. I admit it would be nice to get it, like the cherry on top of the icing that went over the cake. But the cherry goes on top - nothing basic, so to say.

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