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(Archived) Mac 2.0 Beta 1 - Problem with Update



After Update, i realized that not all of my notes were synced.

The error occured due to sth like incorrect name.

Now my notes are gone (18 of ~45 left), but files are still on the disk. [Evernote Notes]

Any way to get them back? :/

Please help!


I retrieved folder from the trash. Evernote/data/51783/content

It contents all the notes (folders named p4 - p158). Were do I have to put it, to make it work?

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If you have a backup of your Evernote data directory, you can try:

Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar

In the Finder, open your "Home Directory" (with the house icon) and go to:

Library / Application Support

You should see an "Evernote" directory there. Move it somewhere safe.

Now, copy that older Evernote directory into that location.

Start Evernote

You should see your old notes. Select them and use File > Export to keep a safe copy of your unsynchronized notes.

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If you're missing some unsynchronized notes, then you'd want to try copying the old data directory back into the "live" database location so that the software would see it again when you start Evernote.

If the migration fails again, we'd want to gather more information about the failure.

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