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Lost my business data

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A couple of months ago I went into my evernote on my iphone and there was a message about having to separate my business and personal data. I followed the steps to separate out my personal data and I can find that data. Up until today, I was able to access my business data on my desktop but I can no longer find the information on my desktop or my iphone. How can I access my missing business data?


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This description is way to general to tell anything.

With the new Teams structure you have 2 completely separate accounts - one for business use, one personal. This means you need to access each with its own user credentials and login data.

To make this easier you can add additional accounts to your EN client, save the login data for each account and switch between them in the client by clicking / tapping on your account symbol top left. This is the account information screen on an iPad, you see the different accounts in the lower part.



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